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Senior Estate Planning 

At Drach Elder Law Center, LLC, estate planning is the process of ensuring that your assets are distributed in the correct amounts, to the correct people, at the correct time.  Estate plan documents include both wills and trusts.  An estate plan can be structured to avoid probate—a process whereby the assets in the deceased person’s name are reported to the local probate court for eventual distribution to beneficiaries. Many people wish to avoid probate because of the costs and public nature of the process.

Estate plans incorporate charitable planning, as well as special provisions for disabled loved ones to ensure assets are set aside for disabled individuals without jeopardizing their eligibility for benefit programs. Estate plans can be structured to address the possibility of a beneficiary experiencing unfortunate events such as divorce, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction and creditor issues.  Estate planning can also include tax considerations, business succession planning and be incorporated into asset protection planning to address concerns that skilled nursing, home care or related care become necessary.  

Recent changes to Wisconsin statutes have made estate planning even more important to meet planning goals.  The team at the Drach Elder Law Center, LLC will listen to your concerns and objectives to design a plan that works for you.   

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